15th - 16th October

Cambridge China Forum 2019

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Investors attending the Business Pitch Sessions (Day 2)

China science & merchants

China Science & Merchants Capital Management

One of the first large-scale and Chinese government-approved RMB private equity investment and fund management firms. Until June 2017, CSC Group has over 120 private equity funds and more than 80 billion RMB assets under management. 


ShengJing 360

Established in 2007, ShengJing 360 is a leading Chinese Innovation Service Platform connecting entrepreneurs and investors and providing growth and development support to over 30,000 companies.  Since 2012 ShengJing 360 has invested in innovative industries domestically and internationally, with 12 billion RMB under management.


Beihang Investment

Set up by Beihang University (previously known as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) and being a part of BUAA Holdings Ltd., Beihang Investment focuses on technology related investment and innovative start-up incubation.


TusStar VC

Founded in 2014, TusStar VC is a spin-off of TusPark Incubator. With 2 billion RMB under management, TusStar VC has invested in more than 150 start-up. With the concept of ‘incubation + investment’, TusStar VC has covered areas in angel investing, market-driven funds and incubator funds, building a innovative eco-system for start-ups.


Puhua Capital

One of the most successful venture capital investment firms in China that focuses on the early and growing Healthcare, Technology and pan-culture companies across China, Europe and the US. Puhua Capital is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, London and Berlin. Puhua Capital has invested in over 400 excellent start-ups & established companies (over 20 of which have grown into Unicorns), with over 19 billion RMB assets under management worldwide.


Herald Investment Management

Founded in 1994, Herald Investment Management is based in London and New York covering UK, Europe, US and Asia. As of December 2017, the company managed assets of 2 billion US dollars, including two secondary market technology funds and two primary market technology funds. At present, out of 300 technology companies invested by the company, 60% of them are in Europe based including the UK. Several investment exits have been made through Sino-British cross board mergers and acquisitions, which achieved excellent returns.


UK China Enterprise Fund

A Chinese-capital-backed VC fund managed by ET Capital, the Cambridge based VC. Focusing on spin-outs from top-tier universities or startups in the UK and exploiting Chinese capital, markets and manufacturing capacities, the Fund focuses on new materials, clean tech, AI, semiconductors, automotive and aviation industries. 


The Sino UK Fund

The Sino-UK Fund is a new equity investment fund set up to finance market entry and development for UK companies seeking to access the China market. The Sino-UK Fund focuses on medtech, biotech, cleantech and agritech.

16th October 2019